Tyler Nielsen

Tyler Nielsen previously served with the US Department of the Treasury, US Department of State, US Embassy Helsinki and most recently as the Head of Advisory – Sanctions at Nordea. Tyler brings unique insights on the formulation of sanctions policy and application of sanctions enforcement, particularly from the US perspective, to enable Nordic firms to develop and implement effective and efficient sanctions risk management programs.

As the Department of the Treasury’s lead Russia analyst in the office of Terrorism and Financial Intelligence, Tyler was instrumental in aiding the global application of sanctions against Russia. Tyler also helped drive policy and enforcement of sanctions related to Iran, North Korea, Syria, Yemen, and programs targeting unrest in sub-Saharan Africa.

With the Department of State’s Office of Sanctions Policy and Implementation, Tyler enhanced US sanctions policy on Russia, particularly through aiding transatlantic alignment on Ukraine and Crimea-related sanctions through regular engagements with Nordic and European counterparts.

At the US Embassy in Helsinki, Tyler enhanced US-Finnish collaboration on sanctions including regular engagement with Finnish industry on sanctions compliance and the impact of Russia’s counter-sanctions.

Tyler regularly presents internationally, including at Hvidvask Konference 2020 in Copenhagen and Hvitvaskingskonferansen 2019 in Oslo.

United States Treasury Department Building in Washington, DC