Our Core Offerings


Sanctions Advisory provides complete expert advice on EU, UK, UN, US, and local sanctions risks to enable our clients to manage business in real time. Given our extensive experience with US and European sanctions, we are able to provide advice that is unrivaled in the Nordics, helping our clients navigate the growing web of varying sanctions restrictions, and support their interactions with financial institutions, regulators, and government agencies.


As sanctions have become a regular policy tool for governments to respond to an ever-changing political landscape, we help position our clients for success by allowing them to understand where and how sanctions will develop in the future. Using our growing global network and experience developing sanctions programs, Sanctions Advisory offers our clients the unique advantage of being able to plan for changing risks, whether they come from Beijing, Moscow, or Washington.


No longer are only government regulatory and enforcement bodies mandating that companies have sanctions programs; financial institutions, business counterparties and customers are increasingly demanding that companies maintain robust sanctions risk management programs. While the benchmarks for good compliance are common, effectively and efficiently meeting those benchmarks is not. Achieving sustainable compliance that adapts to constant change requires a tailored approach, that accounts for our clients’ unique products, industry, geography, scale and business ambitions.

Sanctions Advisory takes a collaborative approach to supporting our clients in implementing a comprehensive approach to risk management. From training and developing staff to implementing robust organizational structures to withstand internal and external scrutiny and audits, we help our clients build lasting solutions to effectively manage risk today and tomorrow.