Our Core Offerings


No longer are only government regulatory and enforcement bodies mandating sanctions programs; financial institutions, business counterparties and customers are increasingly demanding companies maintain robust sanctions risk management programs to manage risk and meet compliance obligations.
While the benchmarks for good compliance are common, achieving those benchmarks requires that every sanctions risk management program be grounded in the business of the company, assessing the risks of the products, industry, geography and scale to best determine how to implement a program that is effective, efficient and sustainable.

Sanctions Advisory will guide and advise you through the entire process, from risk assessment to audit review, to establish and maintain a program which manages your sanctions risk in a proactive and efficient manner.


Sanctions Advisory provides timely and complete expert advice on US, EU, UN and local sanctions risks. Given our extensive direct experience with the US government, we are able to provide advice that is unrivaled in the Nordics, helping our clients navigate the growing web of varying sanctions restrictions as well as supporting our clients’ interactions with financial institutions, regulators and government agencies.


Every employee contributes to the success of the company’s sanctions risk management program. Successful programs must be accompanied by robust training solutions, differentiated to the respective roles and decision making of directors and employees. Sanctions Advisory draws on our unique industry and government insights to address the full suite of your company’s training needs, from introductory overviews to specialized topics such as the nuances of specific sanctions regimes or determining suspicious activity to identify sanctions evasion.